Where is Kelley Brannon?

Missing from Live Oak, Florida since July 14, 2020

Kelley Brannon, a beloved community organizer, artist, musician, and filmmaker, has been missing since July 15, 2020. On July 14th, she checked into the Sunshine Inn in Live Oak, Florida with her boyfriend, Eddie Emerson. A day later, no one would ever hear from Kelley again.

Following a day of arguing, Kelley left the motel room, pacing the parking lot and sitting in her vehicle. Eddie states he went to sleep while Kelley was still locked outside. At 12:59am, Kelley spoke her last recorded words onto his voicemail: “I’m sick of your abuse. I’m getting in a car right now.”

There is no evidence that Kelley got into a car—or didn’t. But Kelley was never seen again. Right now, there are more questions than answers.

See the Timeline

Read a step-by-step timeline from when Kelley and Eddie left Micanopy, Florida for Detroit, Michigan until Kelley’s disappearance in Live Oak, Florida on July 15, 2020.

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