CCTV: which way, and when? UPDATED

Kelley Brannon CCTV footage, The Sunshine Inn, July 14, 2020

CCTV footage of Kelley walking in the parking lot of The Sunshine Inn exists. We’ve seen it. Clips of it on WCTV’s pieces on Kelley and Paramount+/Efran Films’ episode featuring Kelley. It shows Kelley walking to and fro, sometimes southeast toward Live Oak and sometimes northwest toward… well, there’s not much in that direction.

The Live Oak Police Department has only released a second or two or her walking alone one way, then another. She never leaves the frame. We’ve now heard that the camera apparently does not record linearly but only in clips, perhaps using a motion sensor. This means there is no second by second, uninterrupted video footage of the parking lot. Perhaps what we’ve seen of the footage is all there is. Also, camera angle combined with the shape of the building prevented a clear shot of Kelley and Eddie’s motel room or Kelley’s car, if it was parked by the room.

What the CCTV camera saw

Of course, it neither confirms nor denies any of the given narrative of what happened on that far side of the motel: arguments, reconciliations, drinking and drunkenness, key stealing, going to bed, etc.

Unfortunately, the CCTV footage may not provide any clues as to Kelley’s disappearance.